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Lembongan Hills is an investment opportunity that is looking for partnerships with like-minded organisations and people, to create an amazing resort development complete with restaurants, cafes, bars, gyms, yoga and pool areas, as well as stylish accommodation. Would you like to become a partner in a project that not only provides amazing returns on investments, but also gives you a lifestyle opportunity that many couldn't dream of?

What is Lembongan Hills?

Located 20 minutes away from Bali’s Sanur beach by speedboat, it has become one of the easiest Island getaway for tourists. Upon Arrival in Lembongan, guests can walk from the ferry drop to the Lembongan Hill plot which is situated a few hundred meters away. Located on the central tourist area of Jangut Batu, the views from the blocks of Lembongan Hills are stunning. Turquoise ocean waters, white sand beaches, the islands coconut groves and vantages over the 3 world class waves below. The Lembongan Hills plot is in the most popular area of the island, and the ease of access will provide a popularity that is unrivaled. The aim of the project is to complement the land location with a resort, that encapsulates the natural beauty of the location, whilst ensuring that guests are given all the opportunities to enjoy the environment in which they are holidaying.

Photos Of The Block From Markers

The Plot is 3,150m2 in size, all sitting on a gradient hill that provides picturesque views from pretty much every part of the block, the development opportunities are endless. Sitting just above the white sand beach, the block rises from 4meters to 55meters over a run of 140 meters. The beach meets the main Jangut Batu hill, at the foot of the land plot. Guests will be automatically attracted to the development. The main walking track for accessing the Jangut Batu hill cuts along the front of the land, providing opportunities for beach bars and cafes to capitalise.

Potential development plans could include on the second, the main bar allowing easy access for those wanting to enjoy waterfront drinks. Climbing to the next level of the hill, the pool and decking catering to day drinkers, those with families wanting to enjoy the pool area. Allowing the main restaurant to sit above the pool provides double water views, as the pool fades into the ocean. With Gyms and Yoga areas separating the communal areas from the accommodation area, the development plot is ready to attract a wide range of guests. These plans can be discussed and developed with professionals to ensure the best possible project. Are you ready to bring your expertise to this development?

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